Global Spotlight Report #52: The Youth Voice


In Post 52 we asked Climate Scorecard Country Managers to gather information and report on the views of youth towards climate change issues in their countries. We asked them to focus on the extent of similarities and differences between the climate voices of youth and those of adults, and variations of opinion within the youth community itself. We are interested in learning the most important climate issues that youth think need to be addressed, and views of youth towards the effectiveness of their government’s climate policies.

There are remarkable similarities in the reports presented by our Country Managers. In country after country we note a burgeoning in the number of climate focused youth organizations that have been formed over the last several years. We see a shift in the focus of youth concerns from issues focused on the clean-up of local environments to a concern about perceived weaknesses in their government’s climate policies.

The Table below presents highlights of the Youth Voice Reports from each of our countries. Complete country reports are presented following the Table.

Country Youth Voice Highlight
  • Australian youth want more govt action on climate change and natural hazard preparation
  • Brazilian youth leaders concerned about forests and the promotion of the circular economy
  • Canadian youth demand more action on climate change than adults
  • Chinese youth think more effort is needed to support climate research and carbon reducing technology
European Union
  • 64 % of EU youth take direct action to combat climate change
  • French Youth for Climate organization plays an effective climate policy advocacy role
  • 72% of German youth rate environmental destruction and pollution as their top fear
  • India youth group advocates using CNG instead of diesel for transportation
  • 86 % of Italian youth are highly concerned about climate change
  • Youth oppose Mexico’s policy of Energy sovereignty
  • Youth climate organizations are becoming increasingly active
Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi branch of Arab Youth Climate Movement is increasingly active
South Africa
  • Youth climate activism is widespread
South Korea
  • Korea Survey shows South Korean youth are more concerned about the effect of the environment on themselves than their counterparts elsewhere
  • 96 % of Turkey’s youth view climate change as one of the  most significant dangers faced by their country
United Kingdom
  • UK youth fear that their govt is failing to adopt better climate policies   
United States
  • Youth climate activists can be found in almost every state

Country Reports

Young Australians Want More Action On Climate Change and Natural Hazard Risk Preparation

In February 2020 the Australian Institute for Disaster Relief joined with World Vision to complete the largest ever Australian youth survey on climate change and disaster risk: “Our World, Our Say” (see below). Age and gender of participants in the ‘Our World, Our Say’ survey of Australian youth in February 2020 (Source).More than 80% of…

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How do Young Climate Activists in Brazil Think?

We interviewed 2 young activists, an Indigenous woman about the current problems faced in the environment, especially changes in land and forests and a young businessman who works in the recycling and circular economy sector. Julie Dorrico – Indigenous Woman “A democratic country must respect its biomes.” Please tell us your name, your age and…

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Youth in Canada are Demonstrating for Immediate Action on Climate Issues More than Adults

More than ever, young Canadians (1 in 5 within Canada’s population) are bringing awareness to the climate crisis moving the discussion to a more diverse and intersectional approach with more sophisticated interventions to gain results.   A recent Cascade Institute survey report (Jan 2022), associated with Royal Rhodes University (BC), gathered data from young Canadians…

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China’s Youth Think China Should Do More to Support Shortcomings in Climate Research on Carbon Reducing Technology

Environmental protection has been on the minds of young Chinese for decades. When I introduced my company’s environmental youth education program in China in 2003, university students from bachelor freshmen to master’s students were active in all types of on-campus programs, “Green Clubs” and other activities to disseminate knowledge and create awareness for waste water…

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64% of European Union Youth Have Recently Taken Direct Action to Fight Climate Change

Between #FridaysForFuture and other distinct calls across the EU for climate action, the youth of the EU have demonstrated that they are willing to be agents of change. The youth climate movement in the EU is one of the reasons that the European Green Deal was made a priority in the EU’s 2019-2024 Political Guidelines…

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Youth and Climate Activism in France

The world’s youth are anxious about climate change. A recent study conducted by the University of Bath asked 10,000 young people aged 16-25 in 10 countries how they felt about climate change and government responses to it. This study is the largest of its kind and found that 60% of youth were felt ‘very worried’…

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72% of Germany’s Youth Rate Environmental Destruction and Pollution as Their Top Fear

Science today proves that children bear the greatest burden of climate change. Frustration, anger, and hopelessness were mainly characterizing the world’s young nation until the day in 2018 when one young Swedish girl decided to sit down in front of her parliament, demanding a change and the politicians’ attention to the voice of youth. In…

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Youth Climate Action in India

India is the second most populated country in the world with nearly a fifth of the world’s population. According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects, the population of Indian youth stood at 1,352,642,280.India also has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35, enjoying…

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Over Half of Italian Teens Believe that Climate Change Issues Need to be Addressed Primarily by Economically Advanced Countries

Climate change is a topic that has often been debated in Italy among different generations, especially in recent years due to the frequent climatic events occurred around the world. Nearly a month after the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day (22nd of April 2022), young teens showed an increasing concern toward the issue. Last year, the…

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Youth Oppose Mexico’s Policy of “Energy Sovereignty”

A survey conducted by the IRENA indicates that 8 out of 10 young people worldwide are concerned about climate change, while 13% are not interested. According to a survey conducted by UNESCO, this percentage is 67% of the general population; thus, youth is more concerned about climate change. More than 70% of young people think…

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Youth Climate Organizations In Russia Are Becoming Increasingly Active

In Russia, just a few years ago, one could hear phrases like “global warming will have a positive effect on Russia,” but forest fires, the melting Arctic, frequent floods and heavy rainfall on the streets of Russian cities convinced both adults and young people in Russia of the opposite. Now even schoolchildren can hear that…

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Saudi Arabia Youth Organizations Speak Out

Saudi Arabia’s population is quite young. Over half of the population is under 25 years old. In 2016, a survey was conducted of Arab youth between 18 and 24 years old on the fundamental issues that are of concern for them. Among the 27 fundamental issues presented in the survey, climate change came next to…

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Youth Climate Activism in South Africa is Widespread

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” AristotleClimate change affects every country on the planet. The youth of today can act as agents of change for climate action. Their opinions, their understanding of climate change, their voice and actions can determine how their country deals with climate change. The world has already seen…

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The Youth Voice in South Korea

It is no surprise now that the young people of today will be most affected by climate change tomorrow. Young people around the world bear the disproportionately large burden of solving the challenges associated with climate change. In recent years the world’s youth persist to be listened to when they rally for climate action, as…

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Almost 95% of Youth View Climate Change As One of The Most Significant Dangers Faced By Turkey

Turkey has one of the largest populations in the region, exceeding 85 million. Of this population, almost one third is below 25 and 15 % is between 15-25 years of age which is defined as youth.  Turkey has the highest youth population in Europe. Environmental and social awareness is much higher among educated youth, particularly…

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Climate Change is Producing Anxiety Among UK Youth and Fear of Their Government’s Failure to Implement Better Climate Policies

It’s quite widely accepted that today’s youth are going to live with the results of climate change. Some interesting studies have been done recently by the University of Bath1 and the Office for National Statistics2 to see how young people are reacting to climate change and what they think about the perceived government response.Younger people…

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The U.S. Has Several Strong Youth Climate Organizations

Across the world, youth are mobilizing for climate action by demanding their leaders do better to secure their futures, and the United States is no exception. Compared to older generations, young Americans are more worried about global warming and believe more strongly that it will pose a serious threat in their lifetimes. As a result,…

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