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Global Report #6 reports on the status of efforts to address climate change adaptation. Adaptation is an important, and often overlooked component of climate change policy. It is generally addressed with lots of rhetoric and little data to help countries asses risk, mobilize resources, and monitor the wide variety of ways in which climate change can impact the environment. Click here to download the PDF.

Climate Scorecard Global Spotlight Report # 5 highlights significant emission related activities that happened in May, 2018 in the leading greenhouse emitting countries plus the European Union. The result is a mixed bag with some countries (e.g. Canada, Germany, Nigeria Thailand) taking impressive steps forward to reduce emissions, while other countries (Australia, Brazil, UK) falling back. Click here to download the PDF.

Climate Scorecard’s Global Report #4 focuses on the Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement made by leading greenhouse gas emitting countries. Each country’s Spotlight Report is coupled with an Action Alert message supporting these recommendations that citizens can post and send to their Minister of Environment and/or other key climate change decision-makers. Click here to download the report.

In May, countries with activities moving in the right direction include projects highlighting gender equality and an increase in corporate social responsibility. Those falling behind are focusing on coal and oil — both with an increase in drilling, and a major spill. Click here to download the report.

Climate Scorecard’s 2nd Report in its Global Spotlight series highlights recent noteworthy activities in 20 leading greenhouse gas emitting countries to reduce their emissions. These activities reflect national efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change. They provide a barometer on how well countries are doing to meet the commitments they made to help the Paris Climate Agreement reach its goals. Click here to download the report.

As Country Spotlight Reports highlight significant climate change related activities that take place in each country, it is our aim to shine a spotlight in order to mobilize local forces in advocacy work around those activities. This month, most countries are moving in the right direction. None are standing still, while a few are continuing to work against the Paris Agreement. Italy is the sole country to have a Moving Forward rating. Click here to download the full report.

Current Status of Country Efforts to Support the Paris Agreement

August 2018

Moving Forward Countries that are making positive progress.
Right Direction Countries that are showing promising activity.
Standing Still Countries neither advance nor retard climate change.
Falling Behind Countries taking steps to increase their emissions.

The Partnership Campaign to Strengthen the Paris Agreement

Climate Scorecard invites other organizations to join a Partnership Campaign aimed at getting all countries to strengthen their emission reduction pledges to the Paris Agreement before the Agreement goes into effect in 2020.

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