Nigeria: Organizations Nominated To Support The 2020 Campaign

As part of Climate Scorecard Report #17 we asked our Country Managers to provide a list of organizations in their countries that might help support our 2020 Campaign. Over the next several months we hope to explore whether the organizations listed below, and others, are interested in supporting the Campaign and implementing the recommendations provided by our Country Managers in Report #16.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – CCL

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is an international environmental, nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization established in 2007. It focuses on what is seen as the single and most impactful climate mitigation policy: carbon fee and dividend.

Contact: Mr. David Terungwa

Email Address:

EnviroNews Nigeria

EnviroNews is a non-profit organization established in July 2012 to advocate for climate change and sustainable development. EnviroNews is dedicated to the pursuit of a healthy and pollution free environment via effective information dissemination.

Contact: Micheal Simire 


International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development 

The ICEED Resource Centre Afikpo (IRECA) was established in 2012 with the aim of enhancing the technical quality, standardization, research, and training services that support national and regional clean energy technologies in Nigeria and the West Africa Sub Region (Nigeria). The activities of the resource centre include: providing quality assurance and standards for solar and cooking energy; providing solar and cooking energy education; demonstration of clean energy technologies; product development; and research, development and certification. International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development provides ideas that link energy and climate change policy reforms to increased prosperity for Nigeria’s poor.  

Contact: Mr. Ewah Eleri

Email Address:

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