2020 Climate Change Emission Reduction Targets Campaign

The case for strong government action to combat climate change is becoming clearer each day. Extreme weather, rising seas, forest fires, pollution, and droughts are on the increase, serving as a dark reminder of the growing threat that climate change poses to the well-being of our planet. The recent report of the scientific Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change provides the data that tells us there is little time left and that we have to act soon.

While much admirable work is being done to address climate change at the sub-national level (e.g. by cities, states, the business and faith communities and others), little is being done by national governments.

Yet, a strong body of evidence exists that points to the need for efforts at the national level to lead and support what other groups are doing at the sub-national level. Every significant industrial and technological advance throughout history has required the support of government.

The 2020 Climate Change Campaign is directed at getting governments to set new urgently needed short-term and long-term emission reduction targets.

The short-term target is to strengthen pledges to the Paris Agreement by 2020 that aim at having countries commit to a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. The long-term target is for countries to pledge by 2020 to be carbon-neutral by 2050, if not sooner.

Climate Scorecard, an international NGO, is coordinating this Campaign.

A list of recommended policies for strengthening Paris Agreement pledges for leading greenhouse gas emitting countries can be found in our Global report #16.

Climate Scorecard urges existing and new country level climate coalitions and groups to join this campaign, advocate for their governments to agree to these two targets and put forward policies that governments can use to reach these targets.

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