Russia Introduces Project Ecology

Spotlight Activity: Russia Introduces Project Ecology—An Ambitious Program to Strengthen Environmental Protection

The Russian Government has launched a national Project “Ecology” under the Direction of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology. The global goal of the National project is to improve environmental protection across Russia by 2024. The project assumes 10 directions in which essential changes should occur by 2024.

  1. Clean country
    It is planned to liquidate 191 illegal landfills throughout the country, as well as 43 “the most dangerous objects of accumulated environmental damage”.
  2. Integrated system for municipal waste management
    In the framework of the project, by the beginning of 2019, a state monitoring system “Our Nature” will be launched. It will integrate data from the National Front resource “Interactive map of landfills” ( . Then, with the help of the system, Russians will be able to make appeals for all environmental problems. In addition, by 2024, the capacity to process 36.7 million tons of solid waste per year will be created, and a public-law company will be established to handle legal issues related to municipal waste. Within the framework of this direction, the percentage of municipal waste processing in the country will increase to 80%.
  3. Infrastructure for handling especially hazardous waste
    A federal system for the management of hazardous waste will be created, and seven new centers will be built to handle these wastes, including batteries and energy-saving lamps.
  4. Fresh air
    It is planned to reduce atmospheric emissions in 12 Russian cities – Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Mednogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Norilsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets and Chita. In addition, the country will create an effective system for monitoring the quality of atmospheric air.
  5. Clean water
    The system of water supply will be modernized, based on the construction of new treatment facilities using “promising technologies.”. The share of water utilities using such promising technologies will increase by 20%. The proportion of the Russian population provided with clean drinking water will be 99%.
  6. Improvement of the Volga river
    This program seeks a reduction, from 3.2 km3 to 1,1 km3, in the volume of sewage to the Volga river, and also begin reclamation of its shores and raise from the bottom of the river 95 sunken ships that harm its water ecosystem.
  7. Preservation of Lake Baikal
    Here, will be built, modernized and reconstructed the sewage treatment plant for the lake. The sewage discharge into Lake Baikal will be reduced by 50%. In addition, three new fisheries will be built, and sturgeon and omul fry will be released into the lake. The coast will be cleared of waste and other contaminants.
  8. Preservation of unique water objects
    The program will cover the ecological rehabilitation of lakes and rivers, improvement of the ecological state of lakes and reservoirs, as well as the whole hydrographic network.
  9. Conservation of biological diversity and ecological tourism development
    By 2024, 24 new specially protected natural areas will be established in Russia with facilities to support an additional 2 million visitors. Eco-tourism infrastructure will be developed.
  10. Forests Preservation
    The goal of this program is to increase the reproduction of the forest to 100% (now – 62.3%). This means that all the cut down forest will be restored in the same volume and in the same area. Forestry equipment and machinery will be updated.

Status: Right Direction

National project “Ecology” is a big step for Russian environment protection. This project will help to solve the acute environmental problems of the country in a comprehensive manner. A large amount of funding from the federal budget will be allocated for its implementation.

Take Action

Please send the following message to the policymaker below:

We want to wish the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation productive work on drawing up and implementing the federal program “Ecology”. We are confident that the tasks set will be successfully resolved and by 2024 the environment in Russia will shift to a qualitatively different, more rational and innovative level. We ask you to pay special attention to the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emission from plants and factories, since not only the health of the population depends on air quality, but also the speed at which sustainable development of the whole planet is achieved.

To accelerate the achievement of the tasks set, we recommend strengthening work with non-government environmental organizations. This will help popularize the tasks of the project “Ecology”, as well as create an environmentally responsible attitude towards the nature of the country.

Ministry of Russian Federation

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