Nigeria Climate Leader 2019: Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chiubern

Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chiubern, Founder of Team 54

Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chiubern is a Nigerian-born climate activist, as well as a writer and an oral surgeon. He is the Founder of Team 54, an organization working to combat climate change and promote sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa. He also is a winner of the World Medical Association/Junior Doctor Network Champion Award for 2015, and is the first African doctor to be part of a delegation for the World Medical Association at COP 22 and 23.


Currently Dr. Chiubern is creating Team 54, a vast and rapidly-growing network of 207,000 members in 169 countries to date, all working in harmony to fight against the root causes of climate change, while at the same time bringing ecological, economic, gender, and racial justice to the forefront with determination and courage. Team 54 Project believes that climate actions are more impactful and better sustained when the individual can contribute personally by using their talents and skills. 

Quote: “With the growing threat of climate change and socio-economic consequences currently being experienced, the future for any country in Africa is entirely not certain. In moving forward as a continent, these issues must be understood by all. Therefore, addressing the global climate crisis will have to be top on all African government agenda and actions have start immediately because projection shows that it will get worse in the coming decades.”

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