Thailand: Organizations Nominated To Support The 2020 Campaign

As part of Climate Scorecard Report #17 we asked our Country Managers to provide a list of organizations in their countries that might help support our 2020 Campaign. Over the next several months we hope to explore whether the organizations listed below, and others, are interested in supporting the Campaign and implementing the recommendations provided by our Country Managers in Report #16.

Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI)

The Thailand Environment Institute Foundation (TEI) started operation on May 1, 1993. TEI is a registered environmental NGO and operates as an independent academic institution. The main objectives of TEI are to recommend environmental policy; strengthen capacity in various sectors for managing natural resources; build cooperation with major environmental  networks; and campaign to communicate information and knowledge on the environment to society. 


Mr. Montri Chamnanroj, Director of Administration and Finance and Acting Director of the Thailand Environment Institute

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) 

The “MONRE is a young ministry established in accordance with the Administrative Organization of the State Act B.E.2534 amended in B.E. 2545. Its core vision of the MONRE is “to return the natural environment to the Thai people and to work towards the incorporation of natural resources and the environment in the Government’s national agenda as these provide the basis for social and economic development”. The MONRE vision “supports proactive integration of the administrative management of natural resources, environmental protection, and biological diversity, based on the principles of public participation and good governance”. 


Mr. Wijarn Simachaya, Permanent Secretary. Mr. Wijarn Simachaya

Thai Solar Energy Public Company Limited (TSE PCL) 

TSE PCL is a potential industry-based high impact coalition organization for Thailand established in 2008. In the Southeast Asia region, TSE PCL is the first solar-power company to “have effectively applied an advanced technology to utilize sun radiation and converting it into green energy”. The vision of TSE PCL is “to become a world-class regional leader in providing renewable energy through reliable technologies to serve both commercial and social societies”. The mission of TSE PCL is “to establish a solid footprint in Thailand in the solar power industry and expand into other renewable energies as well as developing an international solar power business focusing on Asia & Oceania regions”. 

Contact: Dr. Cathleen Maleenont, Chairman of the Board and Member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee 

The Environmental Research Institute Chulalongkorn University 

The Environmental Research Institute is an important high impact coalition research institute in Thailand. The Environmental Research Institute Chulalongkorn University was established in October 6, 1974. The main mission of this institute is to create knowledge for environmental management and resources that are suitable for countries and regions in Southeast Asia. 

Contact: Dr. Chakkaphan Sutthirat, Associate Professor and Director of the Environmental Research Institute Chulalongkorn University

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