Russia’s Energy Strategy for the Period up to 2030

Spotlight Activity: Russia’s Energy Strategy for the Period up to 2030

The goal of Russia’s energy policy is to maximize the efficient use of natural energy resources and the potential of the energy sector in order to sustain economic growth, improve the quality of life of the population and help strengthen its foreign economic position.

The Energy Strategy of Russia for the period until 2030 was approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated August 28, 2003 (# 1234-p). The Strategy highlights the goals and process for the development of the country’s energy sector even in the face of sharp changes in external and internal factors affecting the fuel and energy complex of Russia.

During the implementation period of this Strategy, the dependence of the Russian economy on the energy sector will be reduced due to innovations intended to reduce the use of energy by businesses and consumers. It will be expressed in reduction by 2030 (in comparison with the level of 2005) of the following:

  • An increase of at least 1.7 times in the share of the fuel and energy in the gross domestic product and the share of the fuel and energy resources in export;
  • An increase of more than 3 times in the share of exports of energy resources in the gross domestic product;
  • An increase of at least 1.4 times in the share of investment in the fuel and energy complex as a percentage of gross domestic product
  • An increase of more than 2 times of the energy component of gross domestic product;

Under the Strategy, the Russian energy sector will retain its decisive importance in solving important strategic tasks of the country’s development. This includes the construction of a new energy infrastructure, which will ensure accelerated socio-economic development of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, as well as overcome the infrastructure dissociation of a number of regions of the Russian Federation. It also will lead to new territorial production clusters based on the development of energy-supply and processing industries.

One of the key roles in shaping the future of the Russian energy sector is the development of new technologies. This is expressed both in the development of technologies for the extraction / production and transport of energy resources, and in the formation of a “new energy industry” based on renewable energy sources, distributed generation, intellectualization, etc., as well as in the development of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies in transport and industry

Reducing the dependence of the economy on the energy sector will be accompanied by a qualitative change in the role of the fuel and energy complex in the life of the country. As the largest customer for many related industries (engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, etc.) and the economy (construction, transport), the Russian energy sector will make a significant contribution to the investment support of the innovative development of the domestic economy.

The Russian energy sector will also retain its influence on the social situation in the country, since the level of energy comfort and the degree of availability of energy resources largely determines the quality of life of Russian citizens.

Status: Moving Forward

As a result of the implementation of the measures envisaged by this Strategy, the Russian energy sector will make an important contribution to the transition to the sustainable innovative development of the Russian economy and will ensure: expanded reproduction of Russia’s total energy potential, necessary development of energy infrastructure, and stimulation of innovative development of related industries.

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In addition to the above, the system for implementing the energy strategy of the Strategy should include:

  • ensuring that the main provisions of this Strategy are taken into account when developing corporate and regional strategic documents and forming investment plans and programs in the energy sector;
  • formation of information and analytical support for the monitoring system for the implementation of this Strategy using state information resources, attracting various socio-political structures and associations, representatives of the legislative branch, mass media, research centers and institutes;
  • timely identification and systematic analysis of ongoing changes in order to prevent and overcome negative trends affecting the country’s energy security.

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