Report Suggests China Needs to Allocate More Resources to Implement Policy

Spotlight Activity: Report Suggests China Needs to Allocate More Resources to Implement Policy

On July 19, a report on China Climate Change Policy was released by David Sandalow, a scholar at Columbia University and former United States energy official. The report reviews the background and history of Chinese emissions and examines the policies that are directly related to climate change.

The report claims that China is taking a lead in the Climate Change Policy. A wide range of policies have been implemented from the last centuries, including low-carbon development and investment, commitments to reduce coal use and increase non-fossil energy use, promoting sustainable urbanization, and participating actively in climate diplomacy.

However, it also noted that the implementation of the policies is challenging since the resources for the enforcement may be lacking. Also, it says that China, as the top carbon emitter of the world, if its emissions continue at the current level, nations would not be able to reach the climate goal – limiting the global temperature increase to 2 degrees.

Status: Standing Still

Although China has put considerable efforts to the climate change mitigation policies, the implementation strategies and resources are lacking. More is needed to be done for reaching its climate goal.

Take Action

Personal letters, emails and phone calls have the most influence and impact on decision makers and policy makers, so we encourage you to contact each individual directly.

You can encourage the climate actions of the Ecological Environment Ministry by sending the following message to the policymaker below:

“We are happy to see that China is playing a leading role in climate change policy and diplomacy. However, we hope more efforts could be placed to effectively implement those policies to reach the climate goal.”

Li Ganjie: Minister of Ecological Environment Ministry
Minister mail box:

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