Climate Change Adaptation Bill

Spotlight Activity: Cabinet Approval of “Climate Change Adaptation Bill”

On February 20, 2018, the cabinet adopted a bill for boosting efforts to reduce the harm caused by climate change, the “climate change adaptation bill.” This measure puts emphasis on the effects that would not be diminished even if the emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) sharply drops. It also defines different roles of the central government, municipalities, and citizens in preventing the hazardous effects such as disasters, infectious diseases, and poor harvests. It calls for the central government to develop a program of measures to protect agriculture and safety of the public. The cabinet hopes to enact the bill within the ongoing session of the Diet.

Status: Right Direction

The bill is a great initiative from the central government. Now local governments should recognize their responsibility as frontrunners and start planning how to take action. Since climate change effects like frequent rainfalls and poor harvests are already observed in many parts of Japan, adaptation is necessary and reduction of GHG emission will not meet the adaptation needs immediately. We hope various stakeholders will cooperate and take concrete action under the bill.

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