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Broadcast Media

CBC News is a national public broadcaster, a leader in producing and distributing Canadian content, meeting regulatory obligation reports to Parliament and CRTC.

CBC wrote about the Paris Agreement and key deliverables such as a carbon-neutral target after 2050 but before 2100 (Dec. 12, 2015) and how satellite data from NASA illustrates increasing carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere (Dec. 16, 2016).

Content Samples:

CBC reports on limiting temperature rise to 2 C, helping poorer nations—Paris Accord.
CBC looks at satellite data, in documenting the changing face of our warming planet.  

Contact: CBC, P.O. Box 500 Station A, Toronto, On M5W 1E6, 1-866-306-4636 Quirks & Quarks,
Blog: Bob McDonald, email

Print Media

The Hill Times is an independently owned political newsweekly based in Ottawa. Policy briefings and coverage of public policy issues help readers to understand political shifts and federal politics. The Hill Times wrote about the Paris Agreement importance given we are rapidly speeding towards 450 ppm (Dec. 20, 2016) and that climate change is the issue of the century and federal environment commissioner recommendations (Oct. 10, 2016).

Content Samples:

Hill Times looks at Paris Accord a year later, and a new framework on climate change.
Hill Times discusses role of federal departments for sustainable development goals.

Contact: The Hill Times, 246 Queen Street, Suite 200, Ottawa, On, K1P 5E4; Tel: 613-688-8838
Ross Dickson, one of three publishers can be reached at
Editor Kate Malloy can be reached at

Online Media

The National Observer is an online publication with news and in-depth reports on under-covered Canadian stories involving climate, energy, business, culture and politics. Also covers sustainability, resilience and renewable energy transition. The National Observer wrote about the Paris Agreement with respect to Canada working harder given the real threat of climate change (Feb. 7, 2017), and an “historic” pan−Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change (Dec. 10, 2016).

Content Samples:

Observer discusses options to share research, increase reducing our carbon footprint.
Observer looks at strategy to reach the 2030 goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact: Elizabeth McSheffrey, national investigative reporter; Tel: 604-336-1936
Email:; Website:


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