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Broadcast Media

Globo News is a national cable TV channel founded in 1996 that belongs to Grupo Globo (TV, radio, newspaper, online media), the most powerful media group in the country and in Latin America. In 2016, Grupo Globo was the only Brazilian company listed as one of the ten largest media groups in the world.

Globo News is a 24/7 news channel that includes programs on sustainability, and covers national and international issues related to climate change, such as events, policies and actions. It addresses a more educated, higher income audience, since it is subscription based. Globo News director, Ms. Eugênia Moreyra reported that in June 2016, there were 19 million households subscribing to cable TV, as per official data, and an estimated audience of approximately 58 million viewers in Brazil. This is expected to double by 2021. Globo News is amongst the 10 most watched channels in Brazil, and is the leader in the news segment. The cable TV channel congregates a strong team of journalists, arguably the best professionals in the country. It is perhaps the Brazilian equivalent of CNN, since it is privately owned. The Grupo Globo includes an open TV channel that replicates or shares many of the special stories aired by Globo News in its news programs.

Many reporters cover environmental issues related to national politics, international affairs, and science and development. Their team of specialized reporters covering environment and climate change includes André Trigueiro, Sônia Bridi and Fernando Gabeira.

As a mainstream media channel, Globo News tends to be neutral, but generally supports climate change claims. Many stories feature climate change impacts, interviews with scientists and policy makers, as well as other stakeholders in climate, energy and forestry related issues; they also cover international UN conferences such as the UNFCCC and the Biodiversity COPs.

Content Samples:

“Cidades e Soluções” is a weekly 30-min special show on cities and environmental issues, including climate change, hosted by André Trigueiro, a renowned journalist specializing in environmental issues. Trigueiro is the editor-in-chief of the program.

André Trigueiro also edits the website Mundo Sustentável.  His details can be found in

He covered UNFCCC climate negotiations, and the show featured COP22 and the Paris agreement. It was aired in December 2016, and can be viewed in Portuguese at

The UNFCCC negotiations and COP22 was also featured in the News show in November 2016. It can be viewed in Portuguese at

Contact: R. Von Martius, 22 – Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22460-040 Brazil
Tel: +55 21 4002-2884; Website:
Linked In contact for Alexandre Roldão:

Print Media

Valor Econômico is a national newspaper specializing in economic issues. They also have a newsletter and a website: Valor Econômico is a publication belonging to Valor Economico S/A, and part of the Infoglobo Comunicações e Participações S/A of Grupo Globo.

Information on staff and collaborators can be found at

Key staff include the General Director: Frederic Zoghaib Kachar and editor Vera Brandimarte.

Special reporter Daniela Chiaretti joined Valor in 2005, and is responsible for covering environmental and climate change issues. Daniela is a renowned professional, who has worked for key media organizations since 1990; she was editor-in-chief at Marie Claire magazine, and in 2011, she won an acknowledged prize for her investigation on ice melting in the Artic, in July 2010. The article in Portuguese can be read at

The editorials don´t take any stance on controversial issues, but are generally supportive of climate change science. Given the space allocated to the subject, one can infer that they support climate policies.

The newspaper is a reputable source of information mostly on economic issues, and publishes good quality articles by high profile guest writers in its section “Opinião”.

Content Samples:

Paulo Saldiva, physician, professor and scientist, wrote an article on health and climate change published on 8 December 2016. The article reports on the impacts of climate change on public health, including the spread of infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as zyka, dengue and yellow fever. The number of infected people has grown steadily in the past years due to the proliferation of these insects, due to increased temperatures. He quotes an article published in Lancet stating that over 400,000 climate-related deaths occur each year, caused by famine, respiratory and infectious diseases worldwide. Available at

An article by scientist and policy maker Carlos Nobre was published in 30 January 2017, to discuss the use of climate science to combat the political use of droughts in the Northeast of Brazil. Previously, politicians used to obtain— and waste—resources to address the social problems during periods of drought, such as mass migrations. There was no way to predict climate, so funds were embezzled or wasted. Since 2012, with the knowledge garnered due to investments from climate change mitigation and adaptation programs, management of funding for the NE droughts has been improved and adequately distributed. Thus, quality of life for the inhabitants of drought-affected areas has improved and migration has been greatly reduced. Available at

Contact: Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1500, Torre New York, 1º, 2º e 3º andares – CEP: 05001-100 São Paulo – SP; Tel: (11) 3767-1000 and Fax: (11) 3767-1348; E-mail:
Daniela Chiaretti´s e-mail is

Internet and Online Media

#ClimaInfo is a newsletter produced by a team of qualified and renowned professionals, including climate experts and journalists.  #ClimaInfo is the Brazilian associate of an unbranded international communications network on climate change, the Global Strategic Communication Council (GSCC). The GSCC has branches in 18 countries, including in Europe, China, India and the US. They have an important mailing list of stakeholders that they send daily news to. They also target the media in Brazil. They select, summarize in Portuguese, and send the links of climate change news published in Brazil and internationally. Many stories published by mainstream channels are briefed by #ClimateInfo.

There is a plan to set up a Brazilian NGO corporation to be led by journalists Délcio Rodrigues and Silvia Dias. The founders are renowned environmental experts and journalists; besides Délcio and Silvia, Cláudio Angelo and Ana Toni are the Board members.

Their upcoming corporation will foster environmental research and communication about climate change. So far they have been producing the newsletter, but they will soon have their own website. Despite being a new organization, the team is composed of seasoned and well-known professionals with strong ties to the environmental community in Brazil.

The main editors are Silvia Dias and Délcio Rodrigues. They support climate change policies and the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Contact: E-mail:; Mobile / WhatsApp: +55 11 98374 8000
Skype: delciorodrigues


Climate change is real, and what governments do matters.

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