Canada 2024 Climate Scorecard Award: Honourable Steven Guilbeault

Canada 2024 Climate Scorecard Award: Honourable Steven Guilbeault

Climate Scorecard’s 2024 Government Climate Leadership Award is presented to a country official who has done the most to reduce emissions in their country’s government over the past year. Below is a copy of the letter sent to each nominee and why they were chosen to receive this award.

Canada 2024 Climate Scorecard Award:

Honourable Steven Guilbeault
Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Dear Sir:

Climate Scorecard Canada is pleased to award you a 2024 Government Climate Award. We are making this ward to you for your work as Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change and your commitment to acting as a champion to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. This is part of a global recognition of leaders we want to share, as your efforts have not only benefited Canada but also contributed to the global fight against climate change.

Climate Scorecard (a non-profit) started in 2015 as a worldwide initiative to report on and advocate for efforts to reduce emissions in leading greenhouse gas-emitting countries and the EU. Brief monthly assessments summarize critical topics to allow the public and decision-makers to more easily understand the extent to which their country is adhering to and/or strengthening their emission reduction pledges made during the global climate agreement proceedings in Paris in 2015. Postings on Canada’s progress toward reaching its targets are found at

This award acknowledges your commitment over the last year in moving forward with Canada’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan (released March 2022), a cornerstone of Canada’s climate strategy for policy and regulations to reach 40 to 45% below 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

We recognize your commitment stems from a lifelong career in environmental protection. You are to be commended in the face of opposition, most recently as a minister, for describing a price on carbon pollution as the simplest, most cost-effective way to fight climate change as a market-based mechanism used globally. Your perseverance in having Canada’s carbon price continue to increase yearly until 2030 gives households and businesses the flexibility to decide how and when changes can support all Canadians in accessing low-carbon products, processes, and services.

We are confident that your work in the coming year will be equally impactful, as you seek to eliminate all fossil fuel subsidies to extend Canada’s G20 commitment and address Canada’s phase out of fossil fuels. We stand behind your continued efforts on all aspects of the Reduction Plan.


Diane Szoller                                                                      Ron Israel
Canada Country Manager                                               Climate Scorecard Co-Founder


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