Brazil 2024 Climate Scorecard Award: Marina Silva

Brazil 2024 Climate Scorecard Award: Marina Silva

Climate Scorecard’s 2024 Government Climate Leadership Award is presented to a country official who has done the most to reduce emissions in their country’s government over the past year. Below is a copy of the letter sent to each nominee and why they were chosen to receive this award.

Brazil 2024 Climate Scorecard Award:

Marina Silva, Minister of Environment and Climate Change; Professor, former senator for Acre, federal deputy elected by São Paulo by Rede Sustentabilidade

Dear Minister Marina Silva,

Climate Scorecard, a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of informing and defending efforts to reduce emissions in the main greenhouse gas emitting countries, respectfully presents you with a government Climate Award for 2024.

Congratulations on your environmental leadership, your public policies focused on socio-environmental sustainability, and Brazil’s international leadership in international environmental issues.

We respect your commitment to zero deforestation, protection of traditional peoples, democracy, sustainability, and combating inequality, and your leadership in building a Brazilian climate policy that will be transversal and present in energy, transport, mobility, agriculture, industry, and all sectors.

We admire your vision of the path of protecting the environment while also combating inequalities. You bring ethical will and political commitment to the fight against climate change.

We are pleased to present the award certificate, a simple tribute and recognition of your work.

Yours sincerely,

Carlos Alexandre de Oliveira                                          Ron Israel
Brazil Country Manager                                                  Climate Scorecard Co-Founder


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