Centralized Emission Data Processing in Turkey

This Post was submitted by Climate Scorecard Turkey Country Manager Dr. Semih Ergur


Best Organizational Source: The Climate Change and Weather Control Board

Turkey has three institutions, namely “General Directorate of Environmental Control” under the “Ministry of Environment and Urbanization” and “State Water Works and General Directorate of Meteorology”, under the “Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry”, which are responsible for coordinating the efforts to minimize and control the adverse effects of climate change on environment, weather, agriculture, and population. The Climate Change and Weather Control Board has been established under Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in order to coordinate climate change efforts among the governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The above-mentioned institutions use data from World Meteorology Organization, Europe Meteorology Satellites Organization, International Water Sources Union, World Water Council, United Nations Environmental Program. All these institutions put their findings and data on their respective web pages; however, due to the control mechanism of the government, the gap between the real time and the presentation of the date could be weeks and sometimes months. The final data and the collective data are collected and published by the State Statistical Institution of Turkey.

The most recent published data is from 2019. The below chart exhibits the CO2 emission in tons per person (red line) and the total CO2 emission in million tons between 1990 and 2019. Of the total CO2 emission, 72% is from energy sector, 13% is from agriculture, and 11% is from other industrial operations.

The emission of CO2 in 2019 decreased by around 3% mainly due to the economic slowdown in the country. Emissions are likely to increase again after 2020 as a result of the recovering economy.

Quality and reliability of the climate emissions data produced by the country:

Rating: *** Good

Four Stars (****): Outstanding

Three stars (***): Good

Two stars (**): Fair

One star (*): Poor



Mr. Eyyup Karahan, General Director

General Directorate of Environmental Control

Tel: +90 312 474 03 37

E-Mail: eyyup.karahan@csb.gov.tr

Mr. Volkan Mutlu Coskun, General Director

General Directorate of Meteorology

Tel: +90 312 359 75 45

E-Mail: meteorolojigenelmudurlugu@hs01.kep.tr

Mr. Kaya Yıldız, General Director

State Water Works

Tel: +90 (312) 454 50 00

E-Mail: kayayildiz@dsi.gov.tr


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