World Resources Institute Mexico Analyzes Energy Efficiency and Promotes More Sustainable Buildings

World Resources Institute Mexico Analyzes Energy Efficiency and Promotes More Sustainable Buildings

Mexico is the 12th largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, and the second largest in Latin America. The country has experienced the effects of climate change with hotter periods, more droughts, intense rain, floods and hurricanes. Addressing climate change is an imperative since due to its impact the economy is expected to decline up to 4% of GDP.

The country is said to have a sound record while addressing climate change challenges and is considered a global leader in the area. Mexico’s strategy for climate resiliency is said to be one of the most ambitious in the world and is in great part driven by the country’s vulnerability to climate change.

Climate change research in Mexico will be key to help reach the country’s mitigation goals. Mexico has set clean energy targets of 30% by 2021 and 35% by 2024 in terms of share in total energy and could potentially generate up to 46% of its electricity from renewable sources. According to IRENA (2015), policies that facilitate the expansion of infrastructure, grid integration and the uptake of renewable energy to heat and fuel buildings, industry and transport would help achieve the shift in the country’s highest emitting sector.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) Mexico is one of the many organizations and NGOs who support and influence the creation of public policy in the country. The organization works on several topics and its research serves as a valuable source for other actors and government institutions.

One of the projects involved proposals for the mitigation of emissions from the transportation sector through improvements in mobility, fleet management and urban development. The research was one of the first studies for environmental planning on climate change in the country. The project aimed at finding the best strategies for diminishing carbon emissions and it originated in a study by the World Bank: Clean Energy Investment Framework 2007. WRI collaborated by analyzing the transport sector in Mexico. The study was used in the elaboration of public policy like (i) the norms of efficiency for new and imported used cars, (ii) policies for car use and optimization of public transport routes.

Mexico has become a leader when it comes to energy related issues and WRI works to promote more sustainable buildings through several tools:

  • Energy Efficiency Code that gathers and provides innovative norms
  • Guide for the adaptation and adoption of the energy conservation code for buildings. This document aims can be used training and advising governments on the generation of sustainable buildings with high environmental, social and economic impacts.
  • Retrofit technical follow up recommending the remodeling of public buildings to become energy efficient.

The WRI institute also analyzes energy efficiency in public buildings in Mexico City and trains and supports the development of regulations for construction in Merida and Guadalajara.

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We applaud the efforts to guarantee the development of research institutes and pursue cooperation to design better public policies to benefit Mexico and protect its natural resources. We encourage the continuous collaboration and adoption of new technologies to improve faster and efficient adoptions of C02 mitigation efforts.

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