The Cost of Climate Change in France

Spotlight Activity: The Cost of Climate Change in France

The poor will suffer the most from extreme weather events, heat and cold waves, and diseases. French territories located overseas, like tropical islands of La Réunion and Mayotte or French Guyana, will face the worst dangers, but occasional invasions of mosquitoes into Continental France and Corsica might have unpredictable consequences due to the high population densities of urban areas. However, the consequences from heat waves have been quantitatively evaluated: For instance, 1,300 people will die from climate-change related heat waves, thousands more will suffer from severe trauma due to dehydration and hyperthermia every year. 

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All people living in flood-risk zones will be affected, many of them losing homes and some even losing their lives in superstorms and flash floods. On the other hand, floods and superstorms will occur more often but will have harsh consequences depending on how well-prepared local communities have been for such extreme events. 

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Status: Moving Ahead

France has integrated social factors in climate change adaptation actions. Programs have been developed at all levels of government to assess the vulnerability of the poorest people and the most sensitive to consequences of climate change.

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Please send encouragements to continue proactive climate change protection and social action in order to strengthen solidarity action in adaptation programs. You can also contact education organizations, NGOs and community services in your neighborhood.

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