China Net Carbon Emissions Increased in 2018

Spotlight Activity: China Net Carbon Emissions Increased in 2018

According to the report Statistical Bulletin of National Economic and Social Development in 2018 released by National Bureau of Statistics on February 28, 2019, China’s carbon dioxide emissions per 10,000 yuan of GDP decreased by 4.0%. However, since the GDP is growing, even though the per unit of carbon decreased the overall level of carbon emissions increased. Therefore, according to the analysis, along with a 6% rise in GDP, the net emission has increased by 3%, which is the largest rise since 2013.

The report shows that coal is the major form of energy used in China, and accounts for 59.0% of total energy consumption, in spite of the efforts and actions plan for reducing household coal use and the push towards renewable energy in the past few years. Moreover, the production of fossil fuel-based raw materials used by the construction industry such as iron, steel, cement continue to rise, driving an increased energy demand

As one of the main contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions, China’s actions towards emission reduction is crucial for reaching the overall emission reduction goals of the Paris Agreement. Therefore China’s government needs to do more to push towards low-carbon economy transformation.

Status: Standing Still

Despite actions taken, China’s emissions continue to rise. More actions are needed if China is to fulfill its pledge to the Paris Agreement.

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