The New Moon Jae-in Administration’s Energy Transition Policy and Saemangeun Renewable Energy Project

Spotlight Activity: The New Moon Jae-in Administration’s Energy Transition Policy and Saemangeun Renewable Energy Project

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power(KHNP) signed a business agreement with the Korean government and local governments to promote the Saemangeum renewable energy project at the “Saemangeum renewable energy vision declaration ceremony” held in Gunsan on October 30. Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency, Saemangeum Development Corporation and North Jeolla Province participated in the agreement. Saemangeum area is located in the west coast of Korea, encircled by the world’s longest 33.9km-long Saemangeum seawall, and the development of this area has been supported by the central government.

Through this business agreement, KHNP will promote the Saemangeum photovoltaic business and grid-related business. In particular, it plans to lead the Saemangeum renewable energy business, which is a core task of the government, such as establishing the Saemangeum solar comprehensive plan. The plan suggests completing the world’s largest offshore photovoltaic power generation by April 2022. According to the plan, the construction of the 300MW power generation facility will be done first, and the additional power generation facility up to 2.1 GW will be built.

Jung Jae-hoon, president of KHNP, said, “We will allocate a dedicated manpower for the successful execution of the world’s largest photovoltaic business, and make the Southwest region a center for the renewal energy business of KHNP, centering on the Saemangeum region.” “We will make efforts to create new jobs and revitalize the local economy through participation of local residents and local SMEs,” he added.

President Moon Jae-in who was visiting the G20 summit in Buenos Aires applauded South Korea’s efforts to combat climate change including reduction of coal-fired power plants, construction of large-scale solar and wind power complexes at Saemangeum, cultivation of energy industry based on clean energy technology, and shift to hydrogen economy. He emphasized that Korea is already implementing energy transition policies and plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy development to 20 percent by 2030.


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Dear President Jung Jae-hoon of KHNP,

We, Climate Scorecard, appreciate KHNP’s efforts to boost renewable energy business in South Korea, centering in the Saemangeum area. We expect it will contribute to diversification of Korea’s energy portfolio and KHNP’s business beyond nuclear energy.

Please, keep moving forward and we would like to ask your organization to cooperate and consult closely with local communities in order to avoid and mitigate conflicts, which can undermine the project planned.


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