Nigeria Listed as One of the 10 Most Climate Vulnerable Countries

Spotlight Activity: Nigeria Listed as One of the 10 Most Climate Vulnerable Countries

German Mission in Nigeria reported that, according to the World Climate Change Vulnerability Index, Nigeria remained within the top 10 of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries, with Lagos ranking the 10th most vulnerable city in the world since 2014.

With global waste growth predicted to increase by 70 per cent in 2050 per the World Bank and the Sub-Sahara region, one of the ‘hot spots’ that is likely to experience severe impacts of climate change, there is urgent need for actions across board to realise the goals of the Paris climate accord.” Meanwhile, Mrs. Maria Yetano Roche from Wuppertal Institute, Germany, said during a waste management seminar in Lagos, “The impact of climate change is no longer distant as many often think. “It has arrived in Nigeria with substantial evidence spread across the six geographical zones, ranging from flooding, rising sea and temperature levels, and food insecurity, among others. “There is need for the adoption of domestic and industrial biogas technologies with link to agriculture and rural development data, access to finance, awareness, and skills. “The waste sector should be included in 2019 revision of Nationally Determined Contributions, NDCs, and they need to build skills on keeping inventory of waste emissions and identify mitigation options.”

Status: Falling Behind

The World Climate Change Vulnerability Index casts a spotlight on the need for Nigeria to take urgent action to lessen its country vulnerability to climate change and strengthen its commitment to the Paris Agreement.

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