Canada Strengthens Global Commitments at Climate Action Summit

Spotlight Activity: Canada Strengthens Global Commitments at Climate Action Summit

While in San Francisco at a global climate action summit, held September 12-14, ( organized by California Governor Jerry Brown, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, met with leading countries, states, cities and businesses to build new partnerships and strengthen existing ones on climate issues. This included announcing with the UK, 10 new members in the Powering Past Coal Alliance (2017), in phasing out traditional coal-fired electricity. The Alliance now has 74 signatories. Minister McKenna also joined members of the North American Climate Leaders Dialogue (established since COP23), to support increased collaboration on cleaner cars, clean electricity and protecting nature by accelerating climate policy efforts.

Canada accepted the US Climate Alliance’s short term Climate Pollutants Challenge, led by 17 US states, that targets reduction of “super” climate pollutants with disproportionately negative impacts on climate and health. Canada, Mexico, and the US Climate Alliance agreed to work together to achieve an ambitious climate agenda, and report on progress at the 2019 UN Secretary General’s Leaders Climate Summit. McKenna also wants all Paris Agreement signatories to uphold clear rules for implementing the agreement. Minister McKenna’s announcements with international partners came just before G7 meetings in Halifax, where Canada continued to advance international climate priorities.

The California summit was a leader on international climate diplomacy. Instead of just national leaders; governors, city mayors, investors, business executives and civil society from around the world were invited to promote their successes and pledges to meet or exceed the goals of the Paris Accord and to inspire others to follow suit.

A major outcome involved delegates asking national governments to accelerate global climate action targets ahead of 2020 when global greenhouse gases need to peak and fall quickly thereafter to prevent the worst of climate change impacts, and to realize the Paris Agreement. Over 100 leaders committed to carbon neutrality (removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as emitted), ie the Governor of California is bringing the state’s date forward to achieve this by 2045.

Canada’s commitment from the summit –

Youth leaders, scientists, indigenous leaders and leaders from countries outside of industrialized nations reminded summit delegates, we are all critical agents who can not only help with climate action but also catalyze world leaders to go further and faster, as concrete action is too slow in coming.

Status: Moving Forward

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2018 must be the beginning of a new phase of action and ambition on climate change. The September Global Climate Summit mobilized the voices and experiences of those impacted most by climate change and their commitments to decarbonization from the Summit’s leadership focus and/or it’s five challenges – Healthy Energy Systems, Inclusive Economic Growth, Sustainable Communities, Land and Ocean Stewardship and Transformative Climate Investments. Canada can lead the way through transformational change and political will.

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