Curbing Emissions from Heavy-duty Vehicles

Spotlight Activity: EU: Curbing Emissions from Heavy-duty Vehicles

On March 26th 2018 representatives from the European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement to monitor and report Co2 emissions and fuel consumption data from heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) like lorries, buses, and coaches. Such vehicles account for a fourth of CO2 emissions from road transportation in the EU, or 5% of the EU’s total greenhouse gases emissions, which is a greater share than international aviation or shipping.

As part of the Strategy on low-emission mobility, the new legislation is the first to tackle heavy-duty vehicles with the objective of modernizing Europe’s mobility and transport sector. The regulation has dramatic consequences in terms of health, quality of life, and climate mitigation.

Under this agreement:

  • Member States are required to annually report data for all new HDVs registrations
  • Vehicle manufacturers must release publicly information on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for HDVs
  • The Commission will share the gathered data in a registrar managed by the European Environment Agency.

The provisional agreement must be formally approved by the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. The new rules will enter into force twenty days after approval.

Status: Right Direction

Given that HVDs account for a fourth of all road transport, monitoring and reporting data is a great first step, which will enable more targeted policies in the future. Moreover, without action, these emissions are set to increase.

Take Action

Please send the following message to the European Parliament via their Facebook page listed below:

Dear Prime Minister and Member of the European Parliament,
I encourage you to approve the provisional agreement on the Regulation for monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions and fuel consumption data from new heavy-duty vehicles. Without action, emissions from heavy-duty vehicles are set to rise.

European Parliament Facebook Page


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