Government Electricity Supply Plan

Spotlight Issue: Government Electricity Supply Plan

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Energy addressed the budget bill 97 regarding the development of new energy in the country. He stated, “The Ministry of Energy in the implementation of the Sixth Development Plan and the National Development Plan of the Energy Sector will increase the capacity of renewable energy plants to invest in the nongovernmental sector on its agenda.”

He added that in this regard, using the capacity of the law supporting the electricity industry and the law establishing the SATB organization, reliable sources of funding for the promotion of renewable energies are envisaged in the 97-year budget bill, as in previous years, per kilowatt-hour electricity consumption It will be dedicated to this.

He noted that these charges will be proposed for next kilowatt-hour electricity consumption of 60 rials, which will cost up to 1500 billion USD for the development of renewable energy and the strengthening of the rural grid.

Production Capacity by the End of December 2017
Installed power plantAmount MWShare %Grow by 2016 %
Combined cycle2027025.94.1
(DG, CHP)11091.421.1
Renewable Energy3220.422.0

Status: Right Direction

Currently, about 400 megawatts of renewable energy are in operation in the country. This, in addition to the annual production of 880 million kilowatt hours of electricity, will prevent the annual production of 610 thousand tons of pollutants per year. In addition, the consumption 220 million cubic meters of natural gas will also be saved.

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Ministry of Energy
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Deputy Minister for International Affairs
Alireza Da’emi

Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy
Houshang Falahatian

Legal Assistant, Parliament
Reza Anjom

Islamic Parliament Research Center of The Islamic Republic of IRAN
Energy Commission
Chairman of the Energy Commission
Fereydoun Hasanwand
Tel:+98 912 130 8661

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