The Adani Carmichael Mega Coal Mine

Spotlight Issue: The Adani Carmichael Mega Coal Mine

Most loudly hailed by former Party Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian government is pushing for the construction of the Adani Energy Group’s Carmichael mega coal mine despite widespread protests from groups including Aboriginal peoples, activists, and local farmers. If completed, the mine would be the largest in Australia and one of the largest in the world spanning “more than 30 kilometers. It would annually produce around 60 million tonnes of coal and consume around 12 billion liters of water”.

The development of the Carmichael mega mine would take Australia off track from its pledge to “reduce emissions to 26-28% of 2005 levels by 2030”. Calculations have found that if the Adani Carmichael mine proceeds, the annual emissions would exceed the annual emissions level of New York City. Allowing the mine to proceed will worsen the effects of climate change, deplete water levels in an already drought-prone region, and increase instances of human health issues like life-threatening coalworkers’ pneumoconiosis or “black lung” and asthma.

Status: Falling Behind

The proposed mine and development of the Galilee Basin for coal mining has been condemned by several international bodies who argue that the subsequent carbon emissions will undermine Australia’s pledges to the Paris Agreement. While the emissions aren’t directly attributed to Australia, because the coal will be exported to India, the carbon emissions and depletion of groundwater will negatively affect Australia and its Pacific neighbors during the proposed operational timeline and for the years to come.

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