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Canada: (1) Strengthen country’s Paris Agreement pledge; (2) new infrastructure spending that won’t lock Canadians into a high carbon path; (3) prioritize transit and active transportation over auto-only infrastructure

I support the Canada Climate Action Network’s recommendation that Canada work to raise its NDC targets given the Paris Ambition Mechanism process that calls on parties to update INDC contributions during regular five-year evaluations of progress (2020, 2025, and 2030).

Improvements in energy efficient is a major sector where greater investment will help with emission reduction efforts. Not only should governments support transit, walking and biking, they could promote workplace telecommuting and reduced travel considerations with teleconferencing instead as a means to reduce emissions.

Third: Specific to the oil and gas sector, reviewing planned oil and gas production targets and plans for pipeline growth in Canada’s Pan-Canadian Climate Change Framework strategy. The Framework should include a clear message on moving faster to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies that help support the building of public infrastructure.

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