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Government Official
Josh Freydenberg
Minister of the Environment and Energy
The current Minister for the Environment and Energy is Josh Frydenberg. He heads the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy and was also in attendance at COP22. He is a member of the Liberal Party which plans to double renewable energy production and increase investment in clean energy projects.


Climate Program  Advocate
Tim Flannery
Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne and Copenhagen Climate Council
Tim Flannery has been one of Australia’s most outspoken environmental advocates. He has worked as a scientist, professor writer and presenter and has been featured on platforms such as NPR, ABC radio and BBC. He was named “Australian of the Year” in 2007 and is well known for his environmental activism as well as his contributions to the fields of mammalogy, palaeontology, and land use.  Tim Flannery has commented on the potential impacts of climate change in Australia and proposed the creation of a fully sustainable city called “Geothermia”. He was able to raise over $100 million towards development of the city, but the project was stopped.

Climate Program Opponent
A Diversified Opposition

Large energy companies also have the ability to sway the position of some politicians and are generally opposed to increased environmental regulation. Previous governments, members of the current government, members of the media, and the Australian right-wing all have members opposing the Paris Agreement. Finding cohesion between these groups has been a bigger barrier to implementation than any single individual.


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