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Government Official
Rabbi Sergio Bergman
Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development

Sergio Bergman wears many hats. He is a rabbi, politician, pharmacist, scholar, writer and activist. In December 2015, he was appointed by President Mauricio Macri as Minister of the newly created Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Bergman is in charge of numerous climate change related functions and initiatives in Argentina. He recently attended the United Nations 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in Marrakesh and said that Argentina is working to achieve zero deforestation, the recovery of degraded lands and changes in its energy matrix. Bergman also appears to be proactively pushing for improvements in Argentina’s implementation of the Paris Agreement. He recently stated that the country would raise its unconditional emissions reduction commitment from 15 to 18%.


Climate Program Advocate
Dr. Vicente Barros
Emeritus Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and Senior Researcher at the Argentine Council of Sciences (CONICET)

Dr. Vicente Barros is a climate pioneer and prolific researcher who has worked for decades on climate change and environmental issues in South America. He has published 66 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals. In 1996 he directed the First National Communication of Argentina to the UNFCCC and made significant contributions to the Second one in 2006. He was been a member of the IPCC Bureau from 2008 to 2015 and was part of the Executive Committee from 2010 to 2015. More recently he helped coordinate a group of experts that presented an influential ‘Climate Models’ study in the Casa Rosada (the executive office of the country) in April 2015.


Climate Program Advocate
Dr. Carolina Vera
Professor at University of Buenos Aires and Director of the Center for Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences (CIMA) and UMI/IFAECI

Dr. Carolina Vera has been a researcher with the National Council of Research and Development (CONICET) for the past twenty years. Her work is largely dedicated to understanding and predicting climate variability and change in South America. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles along with multiple book chapters and IPCC reports. In addition she has served on numerous committees and held various functions related to the IPCC. Dr. Vera was a co-coordinator (along with Dr. Barros) of the 3rd National Communication of Argentina to the UNFCCC and was part of the team that delivered the ‘Climate Models’ study to the Casa Rosada in 2015.


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