New Study Shows Widespread Concern About the Effects of Climate Change on Turkey’s Environment

Spotlight Activity: New Study Shows Widespread Concern About the Effects of Climate Change on Turkey’s Environment

Due to climate change, natural disasters are expected to occur more frequently and on larger scales. It is inevitable that the economic impact of natural disasters will increase due to population density in high-risk areas. There are serious problems in Turkey due to the high rate of precipitation as a result of climate change.

During the last 3 months, many flood events with death tolls have been recorded in different regions of Turkey. Flood in rural areas damaged agriculture areas and caused the death of animals, while in urban areas underpasses and other substructures became useless. Although the results were experienced in different ways, a common perception is that extreme events will increase due to climate change and the current efforts of government and municipalities is not enough. 

According to a new research study, one in every two people in Turkey feel the effects of the climate crisis, while 61% of the community is worried about this situation. At the same time, 71% of Turkey’s society thinks that disasters are increasing, and that climate change is the cause. 55% of respondents, who evaluated the climate actions of governments and municipalities, stated that no effort has been made on their behalf. 

The study shows that the majority of people in Turkey are worried about the consequences of climate change, and believe that government and non-government actors need to take action. Adaptation strategies need to be developed and implemented immediately. 

Status: Standing Still

During the last 3 months, there has been some governmental efforts against Climate Change in Turkey, namely the Minister of Environment and Urbanization announced the Black Sea Climate Change Action Plan and Turkey’s Strategic Plan and Sustainable Development Goals. A sustainable development training workshop was held with the participation of 21 municipalities from different regions. At the end of the workshop a Turkish Sustainable Urban Development Network was established.

However, due to the increased number of natural disasters with death tolls, the government should speed up the process and immediately switch from planning to taking action. 

Take Action

People in Turkey are aware of the consequences of climate change and a high percentage of the population is worried about its impact. Most people feel that not enough has been done by the government to address the problem. Although there have been governmental plans to take climate change action, the impact caused by recent extreme weather and natural disasters show that government needs to do much more. The Turkish government together with non-governmental organizations should speed up the process to adapt and mitigate the effects of Climate Change. 

Send Action Alert Message to:

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

Murat Kurum and Mehmet Birpınar

Phone:  +90 312 410 10 00


LEARN MORE: “Climate Change Perceptions in Turkey 2019” a research study written by Iklim Haber and published by KONDA.

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