Publication of The Sustainable Finance Outlook Report

Spotlight Activity: Publication of The Sustainable Finance Outlook Report

Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası (TSKB) was established in 1950 with the support of World Bank, the Central Bank of Turkey, and shareholding of private commercial banks. It is Turkey’s first privately-owned development and investment bank. Escarus, who is a consultant to TSKB, has recently published the Sustainable Finance Outlook Report. The Report presents a qualitative analysis of opportunities and development areas in the field of sustainable finance. It analyzes global opportunities while blending them with the dynamics of Turkey. The motivation of this study is to put Turkey’s investors and the TSKB bank into a perspective of sustainable financing. According to Escarus’ Report, adaptation to climate change is a theme that will dominate the field of sustainable finance globally and in Turkey. This includes adapting to climate change, and increasing resilience to climate change-related disasters and changes.

The Report points out that green and social bonds are becoming the focus of financial instruments. They provide new opportunities in both developed and emerging markets. Climate-related financial reporting and climate adaptation funds in the sustainable financial world are expected to change the nature and course of sustainable financing in the future.

Global trends are closely followed in Turkey, so it is expected that more Turkish enterprises will invest in green technologies for sustainable finance reporting.

According to the Report, the themes that will be highlighted in the field of sustainable finance in the coming period include adaptation to climate change, increasing the resilience to climate-related disasters and changes, ensuring and sustaining ecosystem services, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological development initiatives.

Status: Right Direction

The Report is the first in the area of sustainable finance that has been drafted in Turkey. It is very important guidance in an era when sector dynamics change very often, and financial instruments become increasingly sophisticated. This Report will help sustainable finance remain on the agenda of investors and financial institutions in Turkey.

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The impact of sustainable financing is developing rapidly while sustainable financial instruments are diversifying. These instruments provide a wide range of conditional credits to sustainable development goals bonds, depending on an organization’s sustainability performance. Since renewable energy and energy efficiency investments are of great interest to the market in Turkey, public institutions can also integrate several incentive schemes to boost such investments.

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