IWAVE Workshop Builds Nigeria’s Capacity to Repair Hydro-Electric Dams

Spotlight Activity: IWAVE Workshop Builds Nigeria’s Capacity to Repair Hydro-Electric Dams

On the 24th-25th January 2019, the Federal government of Nigeria, through the Ministry of Water Resources, hosted an event with the theme: “Adding Ground Water Dimension to The Understanding and Management of Shared Water Resources in the Sahel Region” – RAF7019. Subsequent development of training was held in July 2018, after the approval of this project phase in January 2018.

Climate change is increasing the pressure on water bodies, from floods and droughts to ocean acidification and rising sea levels. With records since 2013 following the ravaging effects of flood incidence in Nigeria 2012, Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) has stayed on a leading edge of data collection and information on flooding incidence. In 2018, the flood forecast warnings were in many places publicized which served as a tool and guide in flood management. Thus the need for the Federal government’s continuous collaboration with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to assist understand and manage underground water resources.

The groundwater event is a follow up (phase 2) to the stakeholder and consultative “Integrated and Sustainable Management of Shared Aquifer Systems and Basins of the Sahel Region”-RAF7011 (phase1) where Water Availability Enhancement (IWAVE) methodology was embraced for use as a process in data gap analysis, and management. And for increase national capacity to wholly conduct water resources assessment using isotope hydrology approaches.

This phase is mainly addressing the sustaining capacity and bridging information gaps via additional enhanced data collection and interpretations, and training. Improvement of ability in productive management of water resources and Nigeria’s competence to meet the uncertainty of climate variability and change. It serves as a catalyst to a multi-state alliance for equalizing conflicting water uses in shared boundary groundwater basin. For strengthening knowledge by enforcing a step-wise analytical framework on circumstances affecting national water gap resulting in organized input to achieve goals. As an avenue for reliable access to clean water for drinking, agriculture and sanitation-being the biggest challenge facing western Africa to central and northern Africa-a home to rich bodies of water underground.

The event aimed at training personnel to develop natural hydrological know-how for accomplishing the Technical Cooperation Project. The Ministry of Water Resources and Nigeria Hydrological Services and Agency (NIHSA) are answerable for the execution.

As reported by All Africa, the impact of climate change is expected to intensify in the next years ahead. And Nigeria being precariously located in the downstream basin of two major trans-boundary rivers, project RAF7019 will solve water problems, provide hydro dams, and multi-purpose dams, revamping these dams and expand hectares for irrigations, store water, and prevent floods.

In protecting wetlands, water storage areas, and strategically tree planting, there will be restoration of rivers to their natural courses-as healthy river systems reduce carbon emissions.

Status: Moving Forward

Based on the Federal government’s achievements so far, participating in the Technical Cooperation project has triggered Completion of 6 out of many abandoned hydro dams in Nigeria during the 1st phase before the present workshop for 2nd phase kick off –it is highly commendable. Anticipating that this training workshop will spur greater commitments for nationwide spread accomplishment.

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