Former Coal Lobbyist Confirmed to Head Environmental Protection Agency

Spotlight Activity: Former Coal Lobbyist Confirmed to Head Environmental Protection Agency

In February, the United States Senate confirmed Andrew Wheeler as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency by a narrow majority in a vote of 52-47. All Republican senators but one voted to confirm, and all Democrats voted against.

Administrator Wheeler is well-known for both his career as a coal lobbyist and his tenure as Acting EPA Administrator, during which he pressed the agency to roll back environmental regulations at an extremely destructive pace. He is an outspoken denier of the urgency of climate change and has worked hard to reduce regulations limiting carbon emissions.

While current momentum in the U.S. on climate action is in the House of Representatives, a branch of the government entirely separate from the EPA, Wheeler’s confirmation spells catastrophe for any existing carbon emission regulations.

Status: Falling Behind

Over the past two years, the Trump Administration has demonstrated open hostility toward environmental regulations. The appointment and confirmation of a former coal lobbyist to the highest office of the Environmental Protection Agency has only affirmed this hostility and demonstrated that Republican senators are fully aligned with the President’s anti-climate agenda.

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Send a message to EPA Administrator Wheeler calling for climate action:

Given the most recent findings by the IPCC, it is more important now than ever to do the most in our power to reduce our contributions to climate change or face catastrophic damages. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has both the authority and the duty to limit carbon pollution. Please direct the EPA to maintain regulations limiting carbon emissions.

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Administrator Andrew Wheeler


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USEPA Headquarters

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