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Climate change is viewed by South Africans as the top international threat to national security (ranking at 59%).

During spring 2017, the US based Pew Research Center conducted a public opinion poll among 38 countries regarding eight possible threats to national security.

It is evident from the graph above that climate change is viewed by South Africans as the top international threat (ranking at 59%).

This high-level view of the general sentiment among South Africans is supported by a recent survey (30 March 2017 to 26 April 2017) by professional services firm, PWC. The GHG Market Sentiment Survey was conducted with 135 respondents from the International Emissions Trading Association¬†(IETA) member representatives from a broad range of locations and organization types. Their findings indicate that climate change action in South Africa “is a must for corporates and policymakers”. Indeed, 77% of respondents viewed climate change as a priority for their board.

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Survey conducted by PEW:
IETA market sentiment survey:


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