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National Policy on Climate Change

Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council approved and adopted a National Policy on Climate Change in 2013. The policy is the basis for national climate change laws and guide the country’s economic and social response to climate change (ICEED, 2013). The implementation of the policy aims to promote low-carbon, high-growth economic development and foster a climate-resilient society. The National Policy on Climate Change is significant as it aims to detail the comprehensive national goals, objectives and climate adaptation strategies that can/would be undertaken by the Federal, State and Local Governments as well as other relevant stakeholders including civil society, the private sector, communities, and individuals. Unfortunately, at the moment no data is available on the status of efforts to implement the National Policy.

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More information on Nigeria’s progress on climate change governance as summarized by London School of Economics and Political Science is available here:

More information on Nigeria’s climate change adaptation policy framework is available at:’s%20INDC_271115.pdf

For the objectives of the National Policy on Climate Change, see:

The news of Nigeria’s adoption of its policy on climate change is available here:


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