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Broadcast Media

Hromadske Radio (Public Radio) is an independent ‘talk’ station. They are a web-based radio station and broadcast in several cities in Ukraine. Hromadske radio does not work for profit. The main source of Hromadske Radio’s financing is donations, primarily from business, institutions and individuals.

Content Samples:

“What does ratifying Paris Agreement mean for Ukraine”
Nataliya Boyko, Project Manager, Energy Reform, National Reforms Council, told Hromadske Radio about the difference between the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement and how ratifying the Paris Agreement will influence Ukraine’s energy policy.

“Karakurts in the Vinnytsia region and other consequences of the greenhouse effect”
Climate change expert Taras Bebeshko told Hromadske Radio about the threatening impact of increasing CO2 levels on Ukraine’s ecosystem, and the importance of adaptation to climate change.

Contact: Environmental writer – Olga Vesnianka, Email:,
Tel: +38 (044) 279-72-09, +38 067 220-16-74

Print Media

ClimateInfo is a source of information about climate change in the Ukrainian language. The Information Centre on Climate Change, “ClimateInfo,” was established in 2009 as a result of the British Council project “Challenge Europe. More action – Less carbon”, with the support of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Volunteers create materials and translate articles on the latest climate change research, inventions, economic trends and environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

“The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us” – translation of The Guardian article.
The article states that the media largely relegates the greatest challenge facing humanity to footnotes as industry and politicians hurtle us towards systemic collapse of the planet.

“Earth heading for hottest year ever, warming speeds up” – translation of article.
The article states that global warming is happening faster than expected.

Contact: Project coordinator – Veronika Kazina, Email:, Tel: +38 095 317 40 26

Online Media

Economichna Pravda (literally “economic truth”) is a project of the popular Ukrainian Internet newspaper, Ukrayinska Pravda. Economichna Pravda launched a new column “Heat & Light” last year. Their goal is to engage the public over energy efficiency, reforms, and innovations in the energy sector.

Content Samples:
“Ukraine in the world “before the flood”: at the crossroads between the new economy and collapse”
The article states that replacing fossil fuels is the only opportunity for development of the Ukraine economy.

“On the threshold of the post-industrial revolution: Mask replaces Ford”
The article states that the technologies that are already rapidly bringing to market Elon Musk’s companies may change the transport sector and the energy sector.

Contact: Environmental writer – Savitsky Oleg, Email:
Editor of the “Heat & Light” – Zinchenko Andrij, Email:,


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