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Spain has both private and government-owned media organizations. Fortunately for the environment, even Spain’s government-owned radio and television channel, RTVE, warns of the implications of climate change and highlights the importance of the Paris Agreement. Two other media organizations that have covered the issue of climate change and the ratification process of the Paris Agreement are the internet-based La Voz Libre, and the newspaper El Mundo.

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In early November 2016, El Mundo ran a story stating that Isabel García Tejerina, the Minister of Agriculture, Fishing, Nutrition, & the Environment, had prioritized the ratification of the Paris Agreement. This story was important because the ratification process and its timeline could vary greatly depending on the urgency deemed by the government. A few days later, El Mundo published another article, in which it announced that the Paris Agreement had been presented to Spain’s Parliament for ratification. The article reiterated that the ratification of the Paris Agreement was considered an urgent matter, therefore expediting the process, and that the Agreement was expected to be ratified in early 2017.

El Mundo is owned by Unidad Editorial S.A., and the editor’s name is David Jiménez. The mailing address for the main office is Avenida de San Luis 25, 28033 Madrid. Two reporters who have historically covered stories relating to climate change or the Paris Agreement are Miguel G. Corral and Ana García Romero. While an email address or telephone number are not available, their Twitter handles are @miguelgcorral and @Anagarciarj.

In late November 2016, La Voz Libre published a story stating that Spain’s Congress had unanimously approved the Paris Agreement and that it had been submitted to the Senate for its approval. In late December, while Spain was still waiting for the Senate’s approval, La Voz Libre published another story that mentions Spain’s inability to elect a functioning government through much of 2016, and how its stalled politics had meant an entire year of no advancements in the way of combating climate change.
Also in November 2016, RTVE ran a story stating that Pablo Saavedra, Spain’s Secretary of State for the Environment, announced that Spain was in fact on track to ratify the Paris Agreement at the beginning of 2017. Furthermore, the story stated that the Paris Agreement would become legally binding since it had been ratified by enough countries to account for 55% of carbon emissions. As had been predicted, RTVE then ran a story in January 2017 announcing that Spain had ratified the Paris Agreement. The story’s tone is one of relief that Spain had acknowledged the importance of combating climate change, and goes so far as to claim that the Paris Agreement is conducive to international cooperation.

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La Voz Libre is run by Manuel Romero, who can be reached by telephone at 34 914 315498, or by mail at Isabel Colbrand 10, planta 5 of. 157, 28050 Madrid.

RTVE is owned by the Spanish government. While the direct lines or email addresses of any reporters are not available, the station can be reached by telephone at 91 581 70 00, by fax at 91 581 79 – 91 581 80, or by mail at Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda 92, 28007 Madrid


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