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Broadcast Media

France 24 is a 24-hour international news and current affairs television network based in Paris that started in 2006. It targets the worldwide market and is generally broadcast via satellite and cable operators around the world. In 2010, France 24 also began broadcasting through its own iPhone and Android apps. The stated mission of the three channels is to “provide a global public service and a common editorial stance.”

The channel has a webpage on climate change: including articles and broadcasting.

In the context of the COP 22 in Marrakech, one of the weekly programs of the Channel “la semaine de l´Eco” focused on the energy transition since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and observed that climate change does not appear as a priority in the election platforms of France or the USA

The Channel also interviewed experts in the field of climate change. Recently, Virginie Raisson an expert in geopolitics was invited as economy specialist to discuss the impact of our food habits (especially our high meat consumption).

The channel published as well articles and videos in the context of the COP 21 supporting and spreading WWF positions:

However, very often the publications on climate change come from l’Agence France Presse (AFP) which produces around 200 articles per year on this topic. They are nor commented upon or criticized.

Since 2007, the main journalist covering climate change and environmental matters for the channel FRANCE 24 is Sebastian Seibt. To contact or follow him:
Some of his recent articles:
There are no real environmental journalists at France 24 like at Le Monde.
Print Media

Le Monde is a French daily afternoon newspaper founded in 1944 and continuously published since then. It is one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world.

Le Monde covers environmental issues and has a special webpage dedicated to Climate related aspects: It supports the Paris Agreement and publishes regularly climate change related articles informing French people on the international development and negotiations (e.g. Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement), global warming and its consequences. The newspaper covers for example UNFCCC COPs and the energy transition in France. Several recent articles deal with the climate change policy of the newly elected USA President, Mr. Donald Trump. As a climate skeptic, his election brings the risk of denouncing the Paris Agreement: Generally, the USA´s position toward climate change, especially the Kyoto Protocol, is a very recurrent topic in the newspaper. Other articles deal with global warming and the difficulty to achieve the target of the Paris Agreement (below 2 degrees Celsius), as the commitments of some countries (including again the USA) do not permit remaining below this threshold.

The main journalists publishing articles on climate changes for the newspaper Le Monde are:

Stéphane Foucart: He covers all science related issues and also environmental and climate change aspects and wrote several books including some on climate change: “le Populisme climatique: Claude Allègre et Cie, enquête sur les ennemis de la science “.

To contact or follow him:
Some of his recent articles on climate change:,

Simon Roger: Journalist at Le Monde (service Planète), he covers as well environmental and climate change related issues and wrote the articles for Le Monde on the COP22 in Marrakech.

To contact or follow him:
Email :
Some of his recent articles:

Online Media

Notre Planète Info is an independent web media launched in 2001 that provides news on environmental issues and on climate change in order to raise environmental awareness among the broad public. The articles cover especially the international developments regarding the UNFCC, Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement ( Other publications concern also address the consequences of climate change: ( ).

The main journalist covering climate change and environmental matters for this website is Pierre Marnier.


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