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Incheon City—Incheon City received a commendation for reduction of greenhouse gas emission from the Korean Ministry of Environment. On October 26, the Ministry of Environment held a conference for awarding public sectors in the recognition of greenhouse gas emission reduction and efficient energy management. Incheon won the first place in reduction of greenhouse gas emission among 243 local governments. Compared to the emission in 2015, which was 30,397tCO2eq, Incheon emitted only 19,665tCO2eq greenhouse gas, which resulted in the reduction of its greenhouse gas emission by 39.6%. Incheon City developed and managed renewable energy facilities, replaced existing lighting equipment to LED lights, strengthened supervision on the CO2 emissions in waste water-disposal plants. In April 2016, Incheon City declared that the year of 2016 is ‘the First Year of Greenhouse Gas Reduction’. Incheon City presented a target strategy to maintain the greenhouse gas emission level below the emission level of 2016. Also, Incheon City developed ‘Comprehensive Plans for Climate Change Response (2016-2035)’, which is a five-year plan for enhancing green environment in Incheon City. The city will focus on practicing green life habits, green transportation, green construction, green resources, green businesses, R&D and outreach system. According to its announcement, Incheon presented its target greenhouse gas reduction rate as 25.9% (3,000 thousand tons) by 2030 based on Business As Usual (BAU) levels.
Mr. Sang-bum Lee, Incheon City Director of the Department of Green Environment
Mail: 9, Jeonggak-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea 21554
Telephone: +82-32-440-2085

Gimhae City—Gimhae City also won an award provided by the Minister of Environment for its reduction in  greenhouse gas emissions and its energy target management system. According to Gimhae in News, Gimhae City won first place among primary local governments ranked 9th among 814 public institutions in the greenhouse gas reduction by reducing its emission amount by 36.2%.
Gimhae City achieved the reduction in greenhouse gas emission by enhancing the cogeneration in Jangyu incineration plant, promoting green roof gardens, and replacing lighting equipment, and changing A/C and heating systems in Gimhae City’s offices to highly efficient ones.

Mr. Sung-sul Bang, Head of the Department of the Ecological Environment
Mail: 2406 Gimhae-daero, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Gimhae City, Republic of Korea 50935
Telephone: +82-55-330-2440

Suwon City—Suwon City took tenth place in the same conference hosted by the Ministry of Environment following Gimhae City. The major projects in reducing their greenhouse gas emission were replacing lighting in government offices to LED lights, enhancing photovoltaic systems and facilities, establishing smart-grid systems, increasing the use of green-touch computers, and regulating indoor temperatures. As a result, Suwon City reduced the greenhouse emission by 36.2% (reduced more than the national target rate of 20%) and was awarded as ‘high-performing authority’ in greenhouse gas reduction for two years.

Mr. Byung-gu Min, Director of the Department of Environment, Suwon City
Mail: 241, Hyowon-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16490
Telephone: +82-31-228-2029


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