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KwaZulu-Natal—The Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC) commits Local Governments to local climate action in their jurisdiction that will assist their communities to respond to and cope with climate change risks. By signing the Durban Adaptation Charter they commit to inter alia:
1.    Key information of all local government development planning;
2.    Ensuring that adaptation strategies are aligned with mitigation strategies;
3.    Promoting the use of adaptation that recognizes the needs of vulnerable communities and ensuring sustainable local economic development;
4.    Prioritizing the role of functioning ecosystems as core municipal green infrastructure;
5.    Seeking innovative funding mechanisms.

To aid in the implementation of the DAC, a Central KwaZulu-Natal Climate Change Compact (CKZNCCC) was formed to facilitate information sharing and collaboration on climate change adaptation projects. As the metropolitan, district and local municipalities of central KwaZulu-Natal are signatories to the Durban Adaptation Charter they have committed themselves to take local climate action in their jurisdiction.

Dr. Sean O’Donoghue
Telephone: +27 31 322 4304

Gauteng—The Gauteng Climate Adaptation Forum is an avenue for cities in the province to hone their skills and cross-pollinate ideas in climate change adaptation for sustainable development and the wellbeing of their residents. The focus is especially on the urban poor (such as residents of informal settlements) who bear the brunt of climate change in developing countries. The forum also aims to promote coordination of climate change issues amongst institutions.

The forum provides a platform for sharing experiences, practical approaches and frameworks relating to climate change adaptation. Membership includes representatives from civil society, government, parastatals, academia and business.

Rina Taviv
Telephone: +27 11 240 2700


Cape Town—Atlantis is a town in the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality and is located in the Western Cape. GreenCape is a  local non-profit organisation which was established in 2010 and aims to unlock the investment potential of green business, technologies and manufacturing.

The GreenCape initiative has undertaken the project management on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town in the application for the designation of a GreenTech Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Atlantis. The term ‘Greentech’ refers to low-carbon and resource-efficient technologies. This SEZ has the potential to create 2,500 direct jobs, while also contributing to environmental efforts. For companies operating within an SEZ, significant tax breaks are offered.

Telephone: +27 21 811 0250


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