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Government Official
Isabel Garcia Tejerina
Minister of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment

As the Minister of the Environment, Ms. Garcia Tejerina will be tasked with ensuring that the Paris Agreement is implemented in Spain.

Contact: Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, Madrid; Phone: 91 597 60 68

Climate Program Advocate
Maria Jose Sanz Sanchez
Scientific Director of the Basque Center for Climate Change

Maria Jose Sanz Sanchez is familiar with the topic of climate change and is an advocate for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Basque Center for Climate Change is a highly respected organization in the environmental sector.


Climate Program Opponent
Miguel Arias Cañete
European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy

Miguel Arias Cañete could oppose the Paris Agreement based on his political history. He has ties to the oil sector, including shareholdings in oil companies and has said that he wants to turn the Mediterranean into a major gas marketplace. Mr. Arias Cañete has been under scrutiny for conflicts of interest, and in 2014, a petition was created to prevent him from assuming his role as European Commissioner.



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