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Government Official
The Hon. Catherine McKenna
The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON

McKenna’s environment portfolio is responsible to lead federal Government efforts in combating climate change and protecting the environment.  She oversaw the Canadian delegation at the COP21 Paris Agreement and supported a 2C threshold as a minimum for countries to endorse, asking for 1.5 C in the final accord and a 5-year review process.


Climate Program Advocate                  
Catherine Abreu
Executive Director, Climate Change Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada (CAN-Rac Canada)

Catherine has recently joined CAN-Rac to help lead a coalition of more than 100 organizations to advance climate solutions. Responsibilities include collaborative action, communication, policy development, and coordination with the membership. She is the main spokesperson. She is advocating effectively for stronger Canadian targets for the Paris Agreement, attending COP22 to respond to climate impacts and policies (nationally and internationally) and explore opportunities to collectively work on this issue.

Climate Program Opponent
Hon Brad Wall
Premier of Saskatchewan

Wall, as the Premier of Alberta, sees little evidence carbon taxes work. He is the major opposition voice on a federal carbon tax. He does agree though that Saskatchewan will contribute to national emissions reduction targets. His province’s effort involves a billion dollar carbon capture and storage program to date. His recommendations in a recent White Paper include asking for innovation and adaptation, and dropping the $2.65 billion in climate financing for developing countries, instead using it for climate research.

Provinces hold policy levers on climate action thus agreement may prove challenging for the federal government if some disagree.


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