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Research Study: “Turkey’s 6th National Climate Change Statement,” prepared for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center, July 2016

The 6th National Climate Change Statement is a road map to fight against climate change. It is a very comprehensive report that includes the following main topics: national climate change conditions, greenhouse gas inventory, policies and precautions, emission projections, impact, vulnerability and adaptation, finance resources, technology transfer, research  observations, education, training and public awareness. The country’s current situation is examined in detail under these topics.

The 6th Statement also addressed the topics which were not covered in the previous 5 reports in this series. These topics are mainly about renewable energy and incentives to increase the use of renewable energy sources, investments for less carbon emitting public transport systems and improving energy efficiency.

The Statement makes an important observation that Turkey has a way to go to reconcile environmental concerns with economic growth and political will. Turkey has taken important steps to create infrastructure for effective climate change policies. However,  political stability which is a prerequisite for fighting against climate change has not yet been able to go beyond words.

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See “Türkiye İklim Değişikliği Altıncı Ulusal Bildirimi 2016” https://www.csb.gov.tr/db/destek/editordosya/Turkiye_Iklim_Degisikligi_Altinci_Ulusal_Bildirimi.pdf


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