The world faces the greatest environmental crisis of its history. We have to admit that our working and production forms, our everyday life culture and consumption patterns are not sustainable, and if we go on like this, the delicate balances of nature will completely fail to improve again. Mankind is on the verge of a big decision today: either they will change or the adventure on the blue planet will advance towards an undesirable end. The man who distinguishes himself from other beings with his ability to think, requires a new form of intelligence at the moment of this decision: Ecological Intelligence. We have to use our intellect, which we used to build cities and build cultures, for a new civilization today.  EKOIQ is aiming to be part of this change as a media . As of November 2013, EKOIQ is released by EKOLOGOS Sustainability Management and Communication Services Ltd. Sti.

As part of its agreement with the MyClimate, EKOIQ magazine has become the first carbon neutral magazine of Turkey. Since November 2013 EKOIQ is carbon neutral together with Climate Volunteers.


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