Climate for Change

Climate for Change (C4C) is a registered charity, whose mission is to create the social and political will in Australia for the action we need on climate change.

We understand that what we need to do to effectively address climate change is so big that it can only happen when enough people are deeply committed to those actions. So what C4C is trying to do is create that commitment with enough people.

Social research tells us that while people do take in information from mass media, they don’t process or make decisions about it until they have a conversation with someone they trust. So all of C4C’s work is around helping people to have those conversations, about climate change, as effectively as possible.

Our flagship program, Climate Conversations, has borrowed the Tupperware party model to run facilitated sessions in homes, among friends, each of which generates at least one more.

Already in its first 18 months this model has engaged over 3,000 people face-to-face. Our goal for 2018 is to grow this exponentially, reaching 4,000 more people. We’ll do this through continuing our work in Victoria, but also by launching our Climate Conversations in Queensland in March.


Climate Scorecard depends on support from people like you.

We are a team of researchers providing information on efforts to reduce global emissions. We help make you better informed and able to advocate for improved climate change efforts. Donations of any amount are welcome.