Rafael Gersely

Brazil Country Manager

Rafael Gersely is an experienced economist with a Masters in International and Monetary Economics from Universität Basel (Unibas, Switzerland) and B.S. in Economics from State University of Campinas (UNICAMP, Brazil). Besides his strong academic background, he holds a thorough understanding of the financial industry and capital markets, having acted from self-regulatory agencies to reinsurance companies. He has demonstrated experience in risk management, asset pricing, financial indexes determination, structured finance, investment and credit analysis, financial regulation and governance. While in ANBIMA, the Brazilian Capital Markets Association, he took part at the Sustainability Committee, a plural organism assembled to provoke discussions on ESG topics and impact investment, and strength the issuance of green and social bonds. Now, at Terra Brasis, a Brazilian reinsurance start-up, he is responsible for the company´s compliance to ESG themes and takes part at the UNEPFI Insurance Task Force, PSI – Principles for Sustainable Insurance and PRI – Principles for Responsible Investment. Rafael strongly believes at the role developed financial markets have at promoting global sustainability and local development. As per his vision, well-developed capital markets and the link they create between investors and investees are relevant providers of alternative forms of fundraising and protection to the poorer. Through them, idle resources are allocated into projects, providing gains, contributing with value creation, employment, growth and, nonetheless, mitigating risks by diversification. Moreover, they also hold the potential to act as engines on the promotion of social protection (whether through savings or micro-insurance, in the case of insurance companies), financial inclusion and education, gender equality and environmental responsibility.


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