Netra Naik

Indonesia Country Manager

Netra is a young climate scientist, architect, and environmental planner. She is interested in how cities adapt to deal with urban heat and flooding. Her specialist areas and research focus are green infrastructures, nature-based solutions, and climate-responsive design and planning. She is an ex-International Climate Protection Humboldt Fellow from the 2021 cohort. Together with 12 other Climate Protection Fellows spread across the globe, she co-founded an initiative named ‘ Climate Beyond Borders’ that focuses on making climate change science accessible and understandable to all. She has also been involved as a collaborative scientist with the Prometeruse Project, where she shared her research and taught climate change science to school children in Berlin and Poland. She has previously undertaken diverse roles such as an environmental consultant, green building architect, and a faculty at well-renowned firms and institutes with a core focus of the work being protecting the planet and the people.


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