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We, citizens of the 195 countries that have signed the Paris Agreement believe that our nations urgently need to increase the pledges they have made to the Agreement.

There is an urgent need to rescue our planet from the increasing damage of climate change that threatens the well being of all people and the sustainability of our world community. This can only be done if our countries demonstrate they can put aside their differences and collaborate in solving the climate change problem that affects all nations. The Paris Agreement is perhaps the last hope that the world can act as one and address this life threatening problem.

But the Agreement is in danger of failing. Leading technical bodies, such as the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environmental Programme (and soon the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change) have said that the greenhouse gas emission reduction pledges that countries have made to the Paris Agreement are insufficient to prevent the earth from exceeding the 2 degrees Celsius global warming tipping point. They recommend that more needs to be done.

Therefore we urge all countries to submit revised pledges (known as Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs) to the Paris Agreement by 2020 when the Agreement goes into effect. The Agreement itself calls on countries to update their pledges. By this date

All countries, especially those who lead the world in greenhouse gas emissions, should increase their greenhouse gas mitigation pledges to the Paris Agreement. All countries, especially those most in harm’s way, should increase their Paris Agreement commitments to climate change adaptation. And more developed countries should strengthen their commitments to assist countries who are ill equipped to deal with the impact of climate change.


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