Best Climate Practice Ukraine: Ecoclub

Best Climate Practice Ukraine: Ecoclub

This Post was submitted by Climate Scorecard Ukraine Country Manager Oksana Omelchuk


Ecoclub is an energy-oriented environmental protection NGO based in Rivne, Ukraine working towards a safe future with affordable energy. With more than 10 years of energy efficiency experience including organizing educational events (seminars, lectures and training), street actions, lobbying, advocacy, and studies. Additionally, they publish analytical reports and research results via media broadcasts to spread their views on energy policy and energy efficiency. Ecoclub primarily receives their financial support from the Heinrich Boell foundation (Germany) and the European Union.

From November 2019 to October 2020, Ecoclub successfully ran their “Communities advance sustainable energy solutions” project. The project was aimed to foster the emergence of sustainable community-owned energy solutions. In order to achieve this goal, Ecoclub trained 36 representatives (local authorities, businesses, and residents) in sustainable energy management, project management, regulations, and public participation. They also learned how to help participants develop their own energy projects. Communities selected to participate in the project received knowledge and support to prepare their own energy projects. From this, two projects were implemented:

  • Installation of a solar power plant of 50 kW for municipal enterprise “Water supply of Voznesensk” (Mykolaiv Oblast)
  • Establishment of the energy efficiency center and 10 kW solar power plant for the Baranivka Interschool Resource Center (Zhytomyr oblast)

As a result of the project, an online course called “Local energy projects: how and where small businesses and communities find money for energy projects and more” was created. According to the Ukrainian Adult Education Association, this course was praised as the best project for adult education in 2020. With this course, communities in Ukraine will be able to learn how to teach fundraising and strategic planning as well as how to cooperate with local authorities and businesses for the implementation of local renewable energy projects.

In Ukraine, climate policy is not ambitious—that is why there is small support for renewable energy projects. Local communities, in turn, are showing interest in climate and energy solutions. Usually, they do not have enough funds for implementation. That is why Ecoclub helps communities find and attract funding for ambitious renewable energy projects. Such an approach will possibly contribute to the growth of the share of renewable energy in the energy system of Ukraine.



This project can be scaled up within all of Ukraine. The state can organize training for local communities and guarantee co-financing of renewable energy projects in communities.


Yuriy Vitrenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine


Image: Ecoclub stuff team

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