Best Climate Practice Spain: Ecologists In Action

Best Climate Practice Spain: Ecologists In Action

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Ecologists In Action

Created in 1998, Ecologists in Action is a confederation of more than 300 environmental groups within Spain. The organization carries out awareness campaigns, and mounts public or legal complaints against actions that damage the environment.

Ecologists in Action believe it is important to understand that environmental problems have their origin in an increasingly globalized production and consumption model, from which other social problems also derive, and that it is necessary to transform this model to avoid the ecological crisis.

Ecologists in Action launched the campaign “Without Biodiversity, There is No Life” urging changemakers to take the appropriate steps to make nature conservation a reality. In collaboration with the Spanish Society of Entomology, this campaign aims to highlight the importance of insect protection as a key tool for the conservation of biodiversity. As well, they want to generate greater awareness in society about the ecological importance of these species.

Ecologists in Action actively participates in the European Citizens’ Initiative (ICE) to progressively reduce the use of pesticides. The objective of this initiative is to achieve one million signatures throughout the European Union to get the European Commission to regulate the reduction of the use of synthetic pesticides by 2035.

Another important objective of the campaign is to promote the creation of measures and tools that support the sustainability of environmentally protected areas. Ecologists in Action believe that greater media focus on the ecological emergency is needed to create social change. They have developed a guide with  the Biodiversity Foundation to raise awareness about the need to stop the ongoing loss of biological diversity and conserve ecosystem processes on which all-living beings depend.



The development and growth potential of Ecologists for Action campaigns require the support of the Spanish Government and the rest of the world. Correcting the current course of biodiversity loss requires togetherness and united efforts. National and international involvement is necessary to raise public awareness about biodiversity, its functions, its values, and actions for its conservation.



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