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Argentina—The RenovAR Program

In its revised Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC), Argentina pledged to unconditionally reduce carbon emissions to 483 MtCO2e by 2030. This goal will be met through a series of measures in different sectors including energy, agriculture, forests, transport, industry and waste.

Perhaps the most significant actions so far have come in the domain of renewable energy. Across the country, large-scale wind, solar and other renewable projects are being implemented in an attempt to shift Argentina’s energy matrix and reduce emissions. The major thrust behind Argentina’s strong turn towards renewable energy has been organized under the Government’s RenovAR program that was launched in 2016. At the start of the program, less than 2% of Argentina’s energy came from renewable sources, but the country intends to increase that number to 8% in the short term and to 20% by 2025. As the country increases production of renewable energy, it should reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Energy is Argentina’s highest GHG emitting sector accounting for around 43% of total emissions, so action in this domain will have a huge impact and put the country on the right path to meeting its INDC commitments.

So far there are 71 projects underway through the RenovAR program which amount to a total of 3,023 Megawatts of installed capacity. The program capitalizes on Argentina’s unique natural and geographical characteristics to reduce the country’s dependence on high-emitting energy sources. One of the most important sites of Argentina’s renewable energy revolution is Chubut Province in the south where onshore windfarms are already producing 137.7 Megawatts. Jujuy Province in the north is the site of large-scale solar projects that will produce 300 Megawatts when completed. As the RenovAR program continues, renewable energy production will be increased in these regions as well as in other parts of the country.

The RenovAR program is ambitious but could be replicated in any country that makes a serious commitment to increase its renewable energy output.

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