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Argentina—No 100% 2050 Commitment
Benchmark: 20% by 2025

Although Argentina has made important strides in the domain of renewable energy, there is general consensus that their renewable energy sector needs to be augmented significantly. Argentina has not declared a commitment to reach 100% renewable energy by a certain date. However, earlier this year the Government of Argentina declared 2017 to be their “Year of Renewable Energy.” An official decree (9/2017) has called for the diversification of energy sources highlighting clean sources.

Historically the total share of renewables in Argentina’s energy matrix has been quite small (<2%). However, by law the Government has committed to achieve 8% renewables by 2018, 16% by 2021 and 20% by 2025. Because the energy sector of Argentina is largely fossil-fuel driven, a reduction of this magnitude will have significant implications for the country’s emissions.

The program that has generated the most buzz is Argentina’s RenovAr program initiated in 2016. This program, highlighted in the aforementioned official decree, seeks to promote alternative sources of energy and boost the country’s capacity. So far there are 71 projects underway across the country that amount to a total installed capacity of 3,023 Megawatts. The main sources are wind and solar and to a lesser extent biomass, small hydro and biogas.

As can be seen in the image on the following page, RenovAr projects are being installed across the country. In particular the Chubut Province has capitalized on wind farming and Jujuy Province is leading the way in terms of solar energy production.

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For a link to the decree about the Year of Renewable Energy!DetalleNorma/157240/20170104


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